The import, packaging and distribution system of Miki Oz Asakim group enables us to supply all types of sugars in any quantity and in any packaging size. Our products are pure sugar natural heated, which preserves the essential elements of the plant origin. We make sure to maintain an available stock of all types of sugar, enabling us to meet any demand in a short time

White Sugar

It is used in a wide variety of industries, from food, beverages, sweets, desserts to construction and cosmetics.  White sugar is produced from sugar cane and sugar beets

Brown Sugar

 Brown sugar is a sugar that its molasses were not extracted (the solution extracted from cane or beet white sugar).   In recent years, with the increase in awareness of natural products, the demand and use for brown sugar has also increased. The use of brown sugar is for cooking, baking, desserts and various sweeteners.

Demerara Sugar

Sugar Demerara has less processing and refining than a white sugar, so it keeps its brown color. The use and demand for sugar demarara is increasing due to awareness of natural and healthy products. The uses of sugar demerara are in hot drinks, pastries, sweets and foods.

Powdered sugar

High quality powdered sugar for use in various sweet and savory pastries and foods. Especially fine powdered sugar in large packages for industrial use.