IQF Frozen Vegetables

A large selection of frozen vegetables harvested just in time and immediately frozen.  Available all year

IQF Frozen Fruits

IQF frozen fruits of extremely high quality . Large selection of tropical fruits, deciduous fruits and berries..


A selection of quality pastas made from fine durum wheat. Pastas come in different packages, in different shapes and sizes..


Our cereal products are manufactured using the best and most advanced processes available today.  .

Granola and Muesli

High quality granola and muesli blends containing cereals, oatmeal and various additions of nuts, seeds and fruits.

Avocado Pulp

Frozen avocado pulp, containing 100% avocado HASS. This delicious and rich pulp is suitable for serving in restaurants, cafes, sandwiches and more


Oz Group is Israel's leading distributor of Dead Sea Works products Quality salt products can be obtained in a wide variety of packages .


The import, packaging and distribution system of Miki Oz Asakim group enables us to supply all types of sugars in any quantity .


The finest tortillas made from high quality wheat come in a variety of sizes.

Apple Puree

High quality apple puree for a wide variety of uses. Brix 30.21%.


Quality rice in a variety of packages and quantities adapted to the food service.

זיתי קלמטה


Olives are outstanding in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors.  High quality


Premium tuna products with freshness and great taste. .


Quality couscous in a variety of packages and quantities.

Canned Food

A selection of quality canned goods in fine flavors from around the world.