Private Label

Miky Oz Asakim Ltd. manages a self-branded private label "Oz". A private label is a popular and effective way for companies and businesses to highlight their brand attributes and strengths. Private Label is a marketing strategy adopted by many businesses throughout the country.  Since we recognize all the advantages, we offer you the best products, under your own private brand. The group maintains stocks available of all types of products, enabling us to respond to any request within a short time. We believe that every client has different needs so we can customize any product according to the client's request. Whether is a wholesale or retail product, or for industrial use, or for catering and hospitality. We place great emphasis on the quality of the packaging and ensure that all packaging of our products meet the quality and cleanliness standards required for food.



Our import, marketing and distribution system is one of the most advanced in the market and has been operating successfully for many years. We bring to you high quality products especially for wide commercial uses. All of Oz's products are certified by the most prestigious Kosher institutions, such as: Badatz, Eda Haredit, OU and the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, and we can tailor our products to the special needs of the customer and according to the strictest requirements.